Aquaponics as Alternative Livelihood in Balogo, Calatrava

Year: 2013
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $494.00

Project Launch:

LATAB, Inc. is a community-based fisherfolk organization managed mostly by women in Baloga, Calatrava, Phillipines, which is practicing its own, unique brand of sustainable development. The organization was formed to address the declining fish population and deteriorating coastal resources in its community. Today, it manages a marine protected area, operates a mangrove nursery for replanting efforts, participates in community events such as coastal cleanups, and volunteers in local coastal law-enforcement.

The Aguaponics as Alternative Livelihood project is a collaboration between World Connect and LATAB, Inc., an organization whose members are looking for a way to combine their environmental work with sustainable income generating opportunities. The project revolves around aquaculture and hydroponics, whereby members will build and manage a small fish tank cultured with tilapia and a hydroponic growing bed for vegetables. Both tilapia and vegetables will be sold at local markets and distributed amongst the organization's members. The tilapia project will produce commercially valuable fishery products and simultaneously work to reduce pressure on natural fish stocks, which indirectly increases food security and improves coastal resources.

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