Artisanal Women of Pen?a Hueca

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

Comité de Mujeres Artesanales de Peña Hueca is a local women’s committee that was founded over ten years ago. The committee has eleven members and produces shampoo, conditioner, soaps, creams, oils, balms, and facemasks in various scents. The committee’s products are made with natural ingredients, many of which are grown in the community. The committee is currently in the process of renovating a laboratory space to produce in an insulated, sanitary environment, allowing them to get their sanitary registry (Salvadoran equivalent to FDA Certification), and to expand into formal and international markets. Currently, the women use a single burner stove, which slows down production time.


This project will provide the women’s committee with new equipment, enabling them to increase production and profits, and expand into larger markets. An industrial stove will allow the women to produce more at a given time, and a stainless steal worktable will provide them with a comfortable workspace and make them eligible to receive their sanitary registration.


Project Update

A glass display case, chairs and tables have been bought, and the production plant is in its final stages of renovation. Once the women's committee purchases the industrial stove, the production plant will be ready to open and the women can apply for their sanitary registry.



"I am a founding member of the women's committee and am proud to now have a sanitary place to take clients, and a clean professional display of our products." - Segunda, Project Participant 


"I am very excited that we will now have the ability to meet demands for large orders, and will have the ability to make products in bulk, reducing our costs, and increasing our profits." - Gloria, Project Leader

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