Year: 2022
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $12,358.00

Project Launch: 12-19-22

The project will provide funding for constructing a 2-roomed building to house a care center (Early childhood development center-ECD) in Bihinga village of Kabazungu Cell for atleast 150 children aged below 5 years from 4 villages in the Kabazungu cell, Musanze sector, Musanze District, in the Northern province of Rwanda. This center will provide a safe space for these children to spend the day, learn, play, and eat while their parents are involved in other economic activities rather than leave them at home under the risky care of relatives or older siblings. The building will have adjacent cooking space and sanitation facilities. Currently, there is no school in the entire Kabazungu cell of over 5,860 people and this poses challenges for young children who cannot travel a long distance for their pre-school learning. Out of 120 children in the cell, only 60 of them currently attend early learning and care in home-based ECDs which lack adequate space and facilities while the other half does not have access due to constraints with space.

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