Caticugan Fisherfolk Ecotourism

Year: 2015
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $494.00

Project Launch: 1-20-16

The Fisherfolk Association in Caticugan, Philippines, oversees the management and protection of the Caticugan Marine Sanctuary, conducts conservation and educational campaigns, and leads snorkeling, diving and swimming tours throughout the sanctuary. This project will increase the capacity of the Caticugan Fisherfolk Association by providing a one-day training focused on sustainable ecotourism management, best practices, and marketing strategies. Additionally, the project will provide a kayak as a means for the Association to generate additional revenue at the sanctuary.

Final Report: 9/12/2016

The purchase of a paddleboard allowed greater access to the area's reefs. This newfound enhancement brought more tourists than normal to Caticugan after word spread of the area's recent "facelift." The trainings provided to local proprietors will ensure that future business strategies develop these local perks in order to solidify the association's client base.


"This project has increased the income of a community group consisting of seven females as direct beneficiaries. The CFA has two female board members responsible for the management of the MPA, and this training and new recreational equipment has upgraded the value of their ecotourism operation." - Erin, Peace Corps Volunteer

"We have seen a change of attitude in the fisherfolk group female leaders. They are more confident with dealing with the visitors now and seem more excited to run the sanctuary. We are happy with the improvements made to the sanctuary with the help of the LGU and World Connect and so are the women in the fisherfolk group." - Dondee, Project Leader

"This training was very helpful and helped me put a lot of the issues we experience at the sanctuary into perspective. I am looking forward to continuing to improve our MPA through sustainable management and proper tourism management. We have already received inquiries about visiting our MPA from visitors. We hope to continue this improvement." - Reaan, Project Beneficiary