Cebadas Maki

Year: 2015
Country: Ecuador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $277.10

Project Launch: 1-20-16

In Cebadas, teenage pregnancy represents 30% of total pregnancies, and only 6% of students enter universities after high school. To combat teenage pregnancy and empower youth, a local doctor started a youth group for teenage girls to participate in various educational, recreational, and income-generating activities. This project will support the girls to launch a microbusiness selling sushi at local cultural fairs and festivals.

Project Update: 4/6/16

The girls have successfully launched their sushi microbusiness and have been making and selling sushi every Sunday at the local market, giving them an opportunity to raise awareness about healthy diets and cultural cuisines. The local government, health center, and cultural center are very supportive of the club and community members are eagerly purchasing sushi each week. To diversify their menu and attract a larger customer base, the girls have begun selling stir-fried noodles. To date, they have generated $86 in profit, which is being reinvested back into the business. Overall, this project has empowered the young girls and equipped them with new business, marketing, and communication skills, which has had a noticeable impact on their confidence.

Final Report: 7/7/16

The biggest setback implementing the project was the lack of participation of girls. The plan was for different girls to take turns selling sushi every Sunday, but as time went on, they stopped showing up for their shifts. Nevertheless, the persistence of the Project Leader and one particular girl named Jasmin enabled the team to continue selling sushi. Although the project did not make as much profit as anticipated due to the cancellation of its largest event, the community is now on track and to date has earned $152.97 of the expected $185.00. Participants also have received nutrition education and have been cultivating handwashing habits that will last beyond the project's end which will reduce rates of illness in the community.


"This project is very important to me because I have acquired a lot of knowledge. I learned about different countries and how to make sushi, as well as learned about hygiene, accounting and responsibility. I have become more punctual, respectful and responsible in the work I do." - Jasmin, 16, Project Participant

"In this project I have developed skills and performed better. This project is very important because it has changed many things in me, and now I have new future visions and goals in my life." - Isabel, 16, Project Participant