Cottage Model Housing Program

Year: 2013
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,313.02

Project Launch:

The Haven for Women and Girls is a residential facility in Ligao City, Philippines that provides direct intervention to women and girl victims of gender-based violence, sexual abuse and exploitation whose ages ranges from 7-59 years old who cannot remain in their home due to risk of further harm. The women and girls who reside at the facility are in need of services that will promote empowerment, healing and recovery, and the mission of the center is to provide temporary shelter and protect women and girls. With World Connect's support, the facility will build a residential cottage where mothers can live safely with their children while undergoing treatment and waiting for their cases to pass through the legal system. Currently, mothers are not able to bring their children with them when they enter the facility, as there is not an appropriate living space. This project will provide vulnerable mothers and their children with a space to maintain a sense of normalcy while they are under the care of the Haven for Women and Girls.



“Women and children who have been turned down or referred to other places, now have a safe place to stay and can be autonomous which is more natural and helpful for recovery.” – Laurenia, Peace Corps Volunteer
“With the presence of the Cottage building, I was able to bring my child and younger sister with me in the center while I’m in the process of recovery. I learned to be responsible especially in caring and looking after of my child and younger sister… I overcame my fear to my husband when we were taken from him. I now have the courage to face him in court as I feel safe now and I found support from the staff of the DSWD-Haven.” – Maricel, 20 years old; 11 month old child and 14 year old sister
“I have no family in Bicol and I don’t even know my biological family thus, I and my child had nowhere to go after my husband suffered from mental illness and my father-in-law maltreated me. With the help of the DSWD and when I was transferred to the cottage building I feel secured. I learned to live on my own and exercise my rights. I became hopeful after the psychosocial intervention provided by the staff of Haven.” – Grace, 18 years old; 1 year old child

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