Dada Ventures Vocational Training

Year: 2018
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $9,050.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 12-28-18

Building upon a previous project successfully completed in partnership with World Connect, this venture is created to address the high rates of teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDs, school abandonment, and a lack of financial investment in Nairobi's slums. Footsteps Organization has developed an innovative project, Dada Ventures Vocational Training, to address the cycle of poverty in their community. Through training in cooking, baking and small business management, the project will equip unemployed and out-of-school women to take advantage and create their own income-generating activities. At the completion of the training program, graduates will be placed in internships with the hopes of full-time employment. For those who do not join an already established company post-internship, the organization will provide seed money to start their own small businesses. In addition to this, the grant will establish a food kiosk which participants will run as a part of their training, receiving a small stipend from daily sales. This potion of the program ensures that even before job placement, the women are earning some money to support themselves and their families. This initiative will impact at least 60 young women directly across 12 months.