Eco Bank of Jordan National High school

Year: 2016
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $2,693.18

Project Launch:

Working with students from the environment and science clubs, this project will implement a formal trash collection and sorting system at Jordan National High School. Four receptacle areas will be established and painted at the school, each with three separate containers for recyclables, biodegradables and non-biodegradable waste. All organic waste will be used as compost in the school’s garden and recyclables will be sold to generate revenue to support the school’s new Science Resource Center. To further incentivize trash pickup, students will be permitted to bring recyclables from their households and sell it to the school, providing a small source of income for themselves and their families.

Progress Update: 11/17/2016

Three of the receptacles have been constructed. The dates for the first set of ecological trainings for students in the science club have been fixed and the first load of recyclables has been packaged and prepared for sale.

Final Report: 3/28/2017

The entire project was a success. The school today produces less waste, burns less refuse, and has now developed a recycling program, a model that has been copied and debated by the local municipal government for implementation in the region.


"This project was a great way to culminate my two and a half years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I am very glad I extended to see the project be accomplished. In fact the Eco-Bank was a major reason for my extension. Now the school has the necessary resources to properly manage the large amounts of waste generated at the school. Additionally, the school has the resources necessary to expand on the project and spread the Eco-Bank out of the school and into the surrounding community. It feels great to be know that I am leaving my host organization with such a nice long lasting project. I know that when I come back to visit the school in the coming years the Eco-Bank will be in full use and likely have expanded." - Geoff, Peace Corps Volunteer

"The Eco-Bank is an excellent project that has potential to significantly impact the school and the community. Jordan National High school was evaluated by the Department of Education a few months ago scored poorly on waste management, so the Eco-Bank will greatly help the school. Also, the receptacles are of quality that even surprised me. The welder who constructed the receptacles did an excellent job surprising even me on the quality and skill. I am very proud of this project and excited to see the benefits the Eco-Bank will bring to the school. I am so appreciative of World Connect, the Peace Corps and our Volunteer for helping make this project possible. The school lacked the money necessary to accomplish such a large and complex project but with the help of World Connect we have created a project that is the envy of all schools on Guimaras." - Ray, Project Leader

"As one of the science teachers at JNHS I am very proud of the work Geoff and the other science teachers have accomplished with the Eco-Bank. I remember when we had an environmental camp at the school, the other high schools were present with their representative teams and all the teachers from other schools were praising the Eco-Bank's waste receptacles and storage shed. I remember teachers even asking how we got funding for such a project and how to replicate the Eco-Bank. The Eco-Bank is a great improvement to the school grounds and beautification. It also helps make the school a healthier environment for students and teachers." - Local teacher, Project Participant

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