Radiology Facilities in Hayin Dogo

Year: 2020
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,112.27

Project Launch: 1-26-21

Basic healthcare access is a challenge in Samaru, Zaria, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local clinics lack basic equipment to support women through complicated pregnancies. With this World Connect grant, the primary health center in Samaru will purchase an ultrasound scan machine. Patients will pay a small fee for the service, providing for security services for the equipment and stipends for indicienous trained community health workers who provide voluntary services to the health center. There are trained radiologists and gynecologists on staff who will conduct the scans. Other members of the clinic staff will be trained on how to use the machine as well. This project aims to make comprehensive prenatal care more affordable and accessible, facilitating safer pregnancies and improved health in the community. 


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