Year: 2017
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $3,693.41

Project Launch: 8-11-17

In Northern Nigeria, social and cultural mores as well as stark economic realities often leave divorced and abandoned women at a significant disadvantage. Without the ability to receive economic support from a spouse and often lacking the education or capital to form enterprises of their own, these women live in penury at the margins of daily life.

In Kano, one of the region's most populous cities, a project has formed in order to provide this subset of women with the means to earn a sustainable income. eTrash2Cash, an initiative launched in partnership with LEAP Africa, seeks to empower divorced and abandoned women by giving them the tools and skills they need to form their own waste collection service in the area. With the deployment of bicycles, women will collect, process, and sell recyclable materials and other recovered items, supplying them with an income they can use to care for themselves and their children.

Project Update: 6-5-18

eTrash2Cash continues to collect waste from local widows through established local waste collection hubs. Sustainable cargo bicycles and small trucks are being used to transport the waste from the hubs to the eTrash2Cash material recovery facility. A total number of 196 women have participated in the project. Each woman provides waste and receives payment through the local widows' association, usually on a weekly basis.

Final Report: 10-12-18

From March through the end of September, 355 participants have earned direct cash incentives from their waste. Cargo cycles and small trucks transport the waste from local collection hubs to the central facility. Many women are now earning $7 per month from the operation. 3 women and 3 men are now employed at the eTrash2Cash facility.

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