Experiments at Prey Sandeyk High School

Year: 2014
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $382.50

Project Launch:

Many students at Sok Ang Prey Sandeyk High School aspire to work in healthcare as doctors, nurses and midwives. They diligently study biology, chemistry and physics in both public and private class settings, but do not have access to experiments or labs. Studies show that when students participate in experiments they have a much better understanding of that topic, compared to students who only read about it in a textbook. Although there is a laboratory at the high school equipped with microscopes, teachers do not offer labs because they do not know how to create labs and do not have the funds to purchase supplemental materials.


This project will support the creation of the Future Healthcare Workers of Cambodia Club at the high school. The club will be open to all students who want to work in healthcare, with an emphasis on engaging young women. The club will meet once a week and students will participate in experiments, workshops, and receive advice from visiting health care professionals such as representatives from the Cambodian Red Cross. Additionally, the students will go on a field trip to the Science Discovery Center in Phnom Penh.


Project Update

The students participated in eight labs, met with staff from the health center to discuss health education and future career goals, learned first aid from an American Nurse Practitioner, planned and taught a lesson on the importance of hand washing to a local elementary school, and went on a field trip to the Phnom Penh Science Center. Through the labs, guest speakers, and field trips, the students' critical thinking skills have improved dramatically and their interests in the science and health sector have grown tremendously.



"The club is not only interesting, but it also helps me learn how to take care of my own health and how to eat healthy.  It is very important because I want to be a doctor, so the doctor and nurse class is very important for me." - Chea, Project Participant