Girl Agenda

Year: 2014
Country: Haiti
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $10,000.00

Project Launch: 7-17-14

Nadia Todres has founded the Center for the Arts, Port-au-Prince, a place for adolescent girls in Haiti to become empowered through the arts and create incomegenerating skills in the arts. This project has resulted in the production of amazing photographies by this group of adolescent girls. Nadia Todres, a professional photographer want to showcase this work through a photo book that would be sold to raise funds for the center. This project proposes the funding of the photo book project in order to create income for the center.

Final Report: 10-10-14

CFTA successfully produced an 84 page book entitled Girl Rising. The book launched in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on the International Day of the Girl. The launch event united local grassroots organizations working in Haiti with girls with larger international NGOs that also work with girls in Haiti.