Improving My Quality of Life by Being Productive

Year: 2012
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,206.97

Project Launch:

In the town of Guadalupe, students in "Dejad que los Ninos Vengan a Mi", a special education school serving students dealing with a diverse array of conditions such as deafness, blindness, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism, face many challenges. Due to stigma, they have difficulties securing employment, and are often excluded from normal recreational and social activities. With World Connect's support, the school aims to organize a series of vocational workshops for students and alumni. These workshops will focus on various productive skills such as jewelry making, food preparation, laundry, and cleaning, as well as train participants in business, and provide income-generating opportunities. This project will help these participants develop as young independent adults, by showcasing their ability to lead normal, healthy and productive lives.

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