Jilore Vijana Resource Center

Year: 2011
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $500.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

Jilore is approximately an hour away from the city of Malindi in the Coast Providence of Kenya. In Jilore and the surrounding villages, there is no access to newspapers, computers, or even libraries. A grant from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program supported the establishment of the Jilore Vijana Resource Center, the first of its kind in this rural area of Kenya. With the joint support from the school, church, and community, the Center was built on the Jilore High School campus. The Center is a meeting hall for the community, available for school events, and a location for youth to come and expand their knowledge and creativity. There is sports equipment, a library full of books, and a stage for performances. Since Jilore only recently received electricity, movies are also shown there and computers are now available in this area where most have never used a computer. A goal of this project was to reduce youth idleness which often leads to drinking, drugs and stealing. This project provided a setting for the community to come together to learn, have fun, and acquire skills and ideas for their futures.

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