Jose Olaya: Limpia y Saludable

Year: 2020
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $5,868.79

Project Launch: 1-31-20

The local community has teamed up with the Municipality, Board of Water and Sanitation, Health Center, and Peace Corps Volunteer to host a series of educational training sessions about environmentally friendly practices such as the reutilization of organic waste in compositing and exploring inorganic waste segregation as a profitable endeavor. They plan to install garbage cans in 8 strategic locations within the community to improve sanitation in high traffic areas. Additionally, we wish to install 12 trash cans in calculated points of the town to allow for daily waste disposal that is normally generated by small stores. Upon installing the garbage cans, the community hopes to mitigate environmental pollution in José Olaya, by limiting the proliferation of vectors such as flies, rats, and some microorganisms that put human health and ecological imbalance at risk. This project seeks to modify the environmentally harmful habits of the community and improve the health and quality of life its 1500 citizens.