KNHS Reading for Life Center

Year: 2012
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,279.54

Project Launch:

In the Kalalake National High School, located in the town of New Kalalake, many students are not reading or improving quickly enough to be able to succeed in school. The majority of the students come from low-income families in the surrounding barangays (villages). The Reading for Life Center project aims to achieve zero non-readers at the school in 2013 by making improvements to the physical space and centering the remedial reading program on these students, aged 11-19 years old. Teachers at the school will operate the reading program, and local university students will serve as interns for the center, leading reading and writing workshops and individual reading sessions with students.


Project Update:

The reading center has been repaired and the infrastructure has been improved. The 7th and 8th grade students were given diagnostic exams to assess their reading levels and divided into three different reading groups based on their results. Language teachers have scheduled more reading (oral and silent) exercises, one-on-one intensive help sessions, and peer teaching activities for the three reading groups. There are parent/adviser conferences for follow-up and feedback. The reading activities have shown positive results, and have helped make progress towards achieving zero non-readers at the school.



“The reading center has helped grade 7 and 8... the impact on these students directly helps the mothers, who generally take charge of their children’s reading and writing activities. These children can encourage their siblings in terms of the change in their outlook towards learning.” – Doris, Project Leader
“The reading center provides a peaceful environment for students in doing their assignments. As for my volunteer peer teaching work after school, I find it helpful to weaker students. They can improve their reading skills. This activity helped me improved my communication skills and confidence. It is a win-win situation.” – Catherine, 7th grade, Project Participant
“The reading center invites students to read and learn something new. For the remedial program, it helps those students to be able to advance their comprehension level.” – Aaron, 7th grade, Project Participant

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