Leave No Trace- Somoto Canyon

Year: 2015
Country: Nicaragua
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $435.00

Project Launch: 1-27-16

Somoto Canyon is a popular tourist and environmental education attraction in La Playa. Visitors engage in various tours that include hiking, swimming, camping, and horseback riding. However, the influx of tourists has also resulted in an accumulation of trash in and around the canyon. This project will train 15 student leaders on the concept of  “Leave no Trace” to help promote environmental stewardship and conservation at Somoto Canyon. Students will make anti-littering signs and trashcans and place them throughout the trails. By involving the local community, this project aims to promote environmental protection to keep the canyon and surrounding communities clean.

Final Report: 6/11/16

Using all local materials, a welder from the community built ten trashcans, four more than originally planned. Booklets were printed, tee-shirts were designed, and 15 students participated in environmental workshops focused on anti-littering and conservation initiatives. The following week, the students painted trash cans and anti littering signs and placed them throughout the canyon, as well as enjoyed a group hike. This project is raising a ton of awareness and enthusiasm among community members, as several students have participated in community clean up days and expressed interest in additional community service projects.


"We are very thankful for this project because it will not only benefit the community but also our business by helping to keep that canyon clean. The cleanliness of the canyon directly impacts our business and we hope that this project will help draw support for new conservation projects." - Maudiel, Project Leader

"For me, this project is very important because it helps our country and our community to stay cleaner." - Betzabeth, 14, Project Participant