Magalela School Classroom Block

Year: 2018
Country: Zambia
Project Investment: $9,430.13
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 7-30-19

Magalela School currently is able to accommodate 125 children in its facilities, but due to the lack of classrooms, it is only able to teach children from preschool to third grade. Once children reach Grade 4, they are forced to attend Munkolo Primary School. It takes the children of Magalela Village approximately two hours in total to walk from their homes to Munkolo Primary School.  It is also dangerous for young girls to be preyed upon by older men on their unaccompanied journey and for all children who have to cross two rivers which flood during the rainy season.

This project proposes the expansion of Magaela School to accommodate upper grades levels With a new classroom block, students will no longer need to make the arduous, hazardous journey to receive their education.

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