Musha Alumni Skills Lab

Year: 2022
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,999.76

Project Launch: 12-8-22

Musha Sector is a rural community in Rwamagana District of the Eastern province of Rwanda with a population of 21,145 people. According to the fourth population and housing census of Rwanda (2012), 38% of the population are between the ages 14 and 35 while 72.9% of the school-aged population never attended school. Musha has no market, only small shops in neighborhoods where people buy food supplies and other household necessities. As a result, Musha presents limited job opportunities, especially for fresh high school graduates who still lack professional experience and employability skills. 

The project seeks to purchase laptops and sound equipment to support a 22-member youth association to establish a skills lab where they will learn ICT skills, creative art skills such as dance, talent show, photography and moviemaking etc. with a goal of  creating a tech-equipped youth platform that provides the youth with business, entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities for socio-economic development.

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