Mzimai Wa Lero

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $741.50

Project Launch: 6-17-20

Mzimai Wa Lero project, implemented by Empower, will train 200 women from three communities in business and entreprenership skills. Upon completing the training, the women, most of whom are survivors of gender-based violence, will have access to business loans to establish or expand their businesses. This project is expected to have long-term economic impacts on the community, strengthening the financial stability of female heads of household. The women trained through this program plan to share their knowledge with others, thereby multiplying the reach and impact of the project. 


Final Report: 2-18-21

Mzimayi wa Lero Project  implemented by Empower has successfully trained 81 women in entrepreneurship and business management skills. The women who hail from three communities namely Chinsapo, Chimala and Kaphiri, have demonstrated knowledge by starting and boosting their individual businesses using the skills gained from the project. The project has also helped the women establish group businesses using  loans borrowed from consolidated savings. The success of this project has not only positively impacted these 81 women who have graduated, but it continues to impact more women who are inspired by these women. Furthermore, it has boosted women participation in the business circle as well as continues to empower women to fight gender based violence by seeking financial independence.


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