Ndioum Walo Women’s Farm

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $375.45

Project Launch: 2-3-16

Fedde Rewbe Ndioum, a women's agriculture group located in northern Senegal, farms over five hectares of land year-round. The women are responsible for watering, weeding, and harvesting their plots, and they sell excess produce to generate income. Their current irrigation system, which is composed of a pump and canals, is inefficient and wastes water. This project will allow them to install irrigation doors within the canals to control and divert water more effectively. The improved water management system will allow the women's cooperative to reduce overall water usage, to reduce costs associated with running the water pump, and to make more productive use of their land.

Project Update: 5/21/16

Unfortunately, the water basin collapsed in May, preventing the women from watering the farm for several weeks. The members have since paid for a new basin, which should be complete at the end of June. Then, the metal doors for the irrigation canals will be installed and finished, and the farm will be operable once again. Before the basin collapsed, the sector presidents were trained on improved record keeping techniques, as they are responsible for recording the amount of gas purchased and the total hours the pump runs per month.


"For our entire lives we have farmed. We farm to eat and to feed our families--to feed our grandchildren. Your help is very wonderful. We thank you." - Faty, Project Participant 

"We do not ask for loans from the bank, we work with our own resources. Each woman gives money which we gather and use to farm. We grow our food and the food for our children. Now we hope to improve our management of the farm, to save money, and to fix our business." - Faty, Project Leader

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