Nuestro Mundo, Nuestro Arte

Year: 2011
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $423.02

Project Launch:

In Lari, a small picturesque town in Peru, "Nuestro Mundo, Nuestro Arte" held Educational Institute 40387 for high school students. This project provided students the opportunity to partake in the arts and find an outlet for their creativity. Five educational murals were drawn and painted in strategic public spaces, the themes being: healthy lifestyles, careers and information technology, protecting the environment, democracy and civic responsibility, and cultural heritage and national geography. The project was incorporated into the third trimester lesson plans and led by the art teachers and local Peace Corps Volunteer. In addition to instructing students on how to create murals, the participants attended workshops led by special guest speakers who shared their personal and professional experiences in their respective areas of expertise. Once the murals were successfully painted, the students organized and led awareness campaigns during the unveiling of their artwork. This project idea was supported by the high school principal, the town mayor and the health post staff. This marked the first time students were given the chance to take ownership of their community through the arts and showcase their interpretation of educational themes. The high school students active participation in the mural making process, from beginning to end, gave students new skills, built their confidence, and gave them personal fulfillment and a new appreciation for the arts.

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