Nuhu Bamalli Literacy Hub

Year: 2021
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $7,488.11

Project Launch: 8-19-21


Nuhu Bamalli Literacy Hub is in Tudun Wada, an area in Kaduna south Local Government. Majority of the men and women in this community are petty traders or blue-collared workers, from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of these families cannot afford to send their children to quality private or public schools. As a result of this common challenge, the World Bank reported that only 20% of young adults that have completed primary school in Nigeria can read. This project directly addresses this challenge and aims to improve the quality of education within this community by developing the Nuhu Bamalli Literacy Hub. This hub will help ensure that students not only have access to books, but develop a love for reading.

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