Panaderia El Jicaro

Year: 2015
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $1,667.10

Project Launch:

In El Jicaro, there are extremely limited employment and economic opportunities for women. In addition, there are no local bread shops; all bread is bought from the nearest big cities. This project will train a small group of women to open a bakery business, providing an opportunity to become financially independent. Through this project, the women will be provided with technical training, as well as equipment, supplies and start-up materials. The women will grow as community figures and entrepreneurs, while providing fresh bread to the community.

Project Update

After completing the bread-making and business trainings, six community members have signed on as partners to manage and operate the bakery, with most of them having no access to income-generating activities before this project. The group has cleaned, painted and prepared the bodega space, as well as solicited and received electricity service from the local electric company, which they paid for out of pocket. The bakery is officially opened and in October, they had their inauguration, which was attended by the Mayor and several prominent community members and leaders. The group has secured a legal contract with the local development association, which ensures future support from the municipality as the bakery expands.


"The bakery has given a job to women who have never worked formally before. These women are now making their own money. The community is supportive of the bakery and is proud to have a bakery in our own community because it is unique." - Project Leader

"Working in the bakery gives me pride because now I have my own work. I have a reason to leave the house every week." - Project Participant 

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