Year: 2008
Country: Belize
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

POWA (Productive Organization for Women in Action) began a much needed after school program for orpans and vulnerable youth.  Our goal was to serve 75 children, 25 from 3 different schools, in areas of remedial reading, math, assistance with homework, lifeskills and provide a light evening meal.   We asked the teachers and principals for referrals and as word got around we had 92 children that came to learn, have fun and eat.  The program went strong from January 21, 2008 until Easter break in March.  We started up again in April after the break with about 45 to 50 children daily.

I want to tell you about three sisters who came to our program every day.  Their mother is HIV positive and there is no father in the home or to help support the chidren.  Their mother works 2 part time jobs to maintain the family.  The family works together to complete the chores at home and support each other.  Money is scarce so the evening meal provided at the program (which Kids to Kids helped to fund) provided much needed nutrition for the family.  Their mother came often to the school to help prepare and serve the meal.  The oldest of the sisters is significantly behind in her education and benefited from the remedial reading tutoring and homework assistance.  Unfortunately, she needs to repeat the grade again this school year.  But, POWA will be there in the fall as UNICEF has choosen to refund the program.  We shall all continue to strive to give these children an extra boost so they can be successful in school.

POWA would like to take the opportunity to thank all those at Kids to Kids for your generous donation of $500.00 to help feed the children or as we say in Kriole 'pickney'.  We were overwhelmed by the response to the program and did not want to turn any children away.  Your donation allowed us to feed all of the children through the end of the program.

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