Water and Sanitation Project at Makindu Children's Center

Year: 2014
Country: Kenya
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,526.63

Project Launch: 12-31-14

The Makindu Children's Center, located in rural Kenya, supports 1,800 children who live in disadvantaged circumstances, some total or partial orphans, often as a result of HIV. The center currently does not have a hand washing station, which leads to basic infections, viruses, and colds. This project will result in the installation of a new hand washing station to help promote proper sanitation practices. In addition, this project will provide an educational platform to teach the children and their caretakers about the importance of good sanitation.


Project Update

The hand washing basins have been purchased and installed at the children's center, helping to promote proper sanitation and good hygiene.


Final Report: 9/19/2016

All of the proposed infrastructure has been installed and classes have been given to instill positive hygiene habits in providers and children. The center reports a decrease in the frequency of diarrheal illnesses since implementation of the project.



"I am happy I can wash my hands before eating to avoid diseases." - Ann, Student

"The project has enabled the little children learn good hygienic practices, which they still apply in their homes. We are very grateful to World Connect." - Penninah, Local Teacher

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