Recycled Artisan Workshops

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $526.00

Project Launch:

San Francisco Apanta is a small, rural town located in the middle of the mountains of El Salvador with a population of less then 400 people. It is an idyllic town, known for its natural water springs and very fertile soil. In order to encourage youth to recycle and take care of their environment, they will participate in workshops to learn how to make artisan crafts out of recycled materials. Instead of burning or littering recyclable trash, youth will be making wallets out of potato chip bags, jewelry out of magazines, and purses and jewelry out of rubber tires. The students will sell their products at tourism fairs. This project will help educate students about recycling while also promoting youth leadership and environmental entrepreneurship. The recycled artisan workshop is part of a larger environmental themed project currently supported by World Connect, Playing GREEN- Promoting Environmental Education Through Art and a Recycled Playground.


Project Update

The workshops went really well and the youth were very engaged and motivated throughout all of them. With assistance from a local artist, the youth learned how to make wallets out of chip bags, purses out of rubber tires, and jewelry out of magazines. The project sparked the youth's creativity and got them to think strategically how to reduce and repurpose waste.

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