Year: 2021
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $8,867.26

Project Launch: 5-28-21

The Pameng community’s sole health facility relies on its workers to fill buckets with water to meet the hygiene and sanitation needs of the facility. This requires health workers to walk about 3km to access water. The community, of about 2500 people, currently sources its water from streams and a mechanized borehole on the outskirts of the town. This project aims to ensure that the health facility has more sustainable sources of water by sinking an underground borehole and building an overground water tank with a mechanized water pump. Three washrooms fitted with toilets, showers and hand wash areas will also be constructed at the health facility. Since the facility currently does not have any functional washrooms or handwashing stations, the project will enable staff, patients, and visitors to improve hygiene and sanitation, thus reducing the overall risk of WASH-related illness spreading within the facility. 

Project Update: 12-16-22

Using a $8,867.26 grant, Pameng Community Health Committee in collaboration with the community members of Akyem Pameng is in the process of providing safe, reliable drinkable water and washrooms for community members of Akyem. So far washrooms have been fully constructed only remaining with septic tank construction, water-closets, and wash-hand basins to be fitted. Additionally, a borehole has also been drilled with a 3400-liter storage tank mounted on the overhead. Over 2500 members of Pameng community and surrounding villages will benefit from the project once fully completed