Solar Energy for Life

Year: 2016
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,000.00

Project Launch: 12-28-16

Los Uveros, a rural settlement in Panama, is largely without access to electricity. The lack of power is a significant bottleneck to the community's growth and also constrains its economic potential. The area relies on agriculture but the lack of supportive infrastructure make this activity far less efficient. The community is seeking money to establish an independent solar power network in Los Uveros in order to harness the sun's energy so that the town can better connect itself with the regional economy.

Project Update: 4-3-17

The group of 37 families involved in Solar Energy for Life have all participated in the 6 month long participatory training seminar on topics ranging from proper trash disposal to the pros and cons of different varieties of corn as well as collecting the funds to pay for their portion of the solar panel systems.  These same systems arrived in the community of Los Uveros on the 30th of March and are now providing light in half of the houses of the community. 

Final Report: 8-4-17

37 families received access to solar panels, bringing reliable electricity to their homes for the first time. Agricultural trainings have allowed the community to consider ways to be more efficient and ecologically minded farmers.