Stimulating Young Minds

Year: 2014
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,000.00

Project Launch:

Salvacion is a rural poor community located in the mountains of Albay. Kids are presented with very few opportunities to do after school, and most homes do not have inside water, and experience brown outs and disruption of power.

Stimulating Young Minds is a project alongside another project, IMPACT Learning Center. Stimulating Young Minds project will provide 20 computers, tables, stools, library shelves and a computer safe for the Learning Center. With these tools, children and staff will be able to enhance their literacy and computer skills, use the computer for research, and improve their English language skills. Overall, this project will benefit the whole community because these learning tools will enable students to gain the skills and knowledge needed for continuing education as well as for future employment opportunities.


Project Update

The Resource Center is stocked with new furniture and computers. Teachers have received computer trainings and will begin enrolling students in computer classes. The library was shut down for three months due to Mt. Mayon erupting, but it is now re-opened. In Daraga, there are no public libraries, so the books and resources in the library are the only literary resources available to the community. The library employs parents and retired teachers, providing local opportunities for employment

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