“Strengthening Community Resilience to Economic shocks, Disasters and Climate Change Adaptation”

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $7,472.82

Project Launch: 11-21-23

In investment partnership with World Connect, Mtende Homecraft Foundation seeks to restore forests and biodiversity loss and reduce poverty among vulnerable communities through beekeeping farming within the landscape of Livingstonia in Rumphi district, north of Malawi. The majority of the grant funds will be used to procure honey processing and packaging equipment to improve quality and sales of the honey. Additionally, the project will train 120 participants from ten (10) farmers clubs in honey production, branding and packaging, business management and forest and environmental management. In addition to improving the economic outlook of the participants, the project will also lead to improved land conservation, soil fertility, water supply and biodiversity for better ecosystems and ecological interactions. 

Project Update: 1-18-24

Two months after receiving funding, Mtende Homecraft Foundation has successfully completed the first phase of a beekeeping project, aimed at economically enhancing the lives of 120 community members in the Livingstonia - Phoka catchment area. In this first phase, the project has procured ten honey storage buckets, a honey processing and packaging machine, a honey tester, 500 honey packaging bottles, 40 beehives, six honey harvesting kits and a honey extractor machine. The second phase of the project will conduct capacity strengthening training for all members in beekeeping, honey processing and branding and environmental management. With all these materials and activities, the project will improve the quality and quantity of honey produced and sold, subsequently increasing the revenue generated and improving people’s lives.