Strong Women Entrepreneurs (SWE)

Year: 2017
Country: Haiti
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,000.00

Project Launch: 12-14-17

Many women in Villa Rosa, a slum outside of Port-au-Prince, possess entrepreneurial savvy and some even run their own small businesses. However, they are isolated from the Haiti’s formal business community and lack sufficient connections to expand their enterprises. With the partnership of Cocread, this project seeks to bring 40 local women entrepreneurs from Villa Rosa to Startup Grind, an annual national event that unites businesspeople, bankers, and investors with business owners and entrepreneurs. There, the women will receive support, mentoring, and potential opportunities to market their business ideas to investors and others.

Project Update: 8-6-18

An average of 45 women participated in the last five event editions. 6 start-ups have pitched their businesses and have grown their audience by an average of 10 % after their presentations in front of the public. 3 new women-led start-ups have been created in the network. The project allowed 40 women to have free access to the Startup Grind package.

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