People Helping People Latrine Project

Year: 2016
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,672.00

Project Launch:

Taing Kauk is a small village with high rates of water-borne illness. Without proper bathrooms, community members openly defecate in the rice fields, contaminating water and crops, leading to the spread of disease. Working with community members, this project will lead to the building of twelve household-level toilets, providing 13 families access to improved sanitation facilities. Each family will also participate in health workshops led by community health workers focused on water contamination, personal hygiene, and sanitation.

Progress Update: 10/20/2016

The door to door health workshops have brought hygiene education and handwashing strategies to families in the community. Each family was provided with 2-3 bars of soap during each session. Initial construction on the 13 latrines has begun with foundations and the superstructure beginning to take shape at a number of homes.

Final Report: 1/3/2017

13 latrines serving over 350 villagers have been constructed. 80% of participants involved in the project have demonstrated increased knowledge of hygiene and sanitation as well as the negative of open defecation on health. The new latrines will offer an important avenue to improving quality of life and reducing diarrheal diseases in the village.


"Women and children in this community have a greater knowledge base about health, sanitation, and hygiene. Women can and are teaching their children continually about health and it seems like this knowledge will continue. They also have new healthy behaviors, such as washing hands, and using a latrine." - Sarah, Peace Corps Volunteer

"Since I live in this village, I can always make sure the families are using their latrine and practicing proper health practices. Sine the builder also lives in this village, if he needs to do any small repairs, he can because he built the latrines. I think people are excited when they learn about health, so I think they will continue to wash their hands and use the latrine." - Hai Chann, Project Leader

"I have three children and the second child has special needs. I also have a 3 month old new born and my husband lives in Phnom Penh for work. I am very busy trying to take care of my three children. I have always wanted to build a latrine, but have just not had the money or time, but because of this project, I can build one. I am very happy. I know that my second child is likely sick because of a lack of sanitation, so I am happy to improve my families' level of hygiene and sanitation. Sometimes I feel lonely because my family and husband live far away, but through this project and getting to know E Thann and Sarah and the builder and his wife, I feel happy. I want to say thank you so very. I am very grateful." - Meap, Project Participant