Tarpuy: Strengthening Andean Chakras and Family and Peasant Food Sovereignty Project

Year: 2023
Country: Ecuador
Project Status: Unfunded
Impact Sector: Health
Investment Needed: $4,125.00
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Project Launch: 1-31-24

The Tarpuy project aims to promote food sovereignty and nutrition through the creation of indigenous Andean agroforestry systems known as ‘chakras,’ or multifunctional agricultural cultivation spaces that produce a variety of diverse, nutritious foods. In indigenous Kichwa culture, the chakra represents the fundamental elements for nurturing and preserving life. This project will directly support seven families, or 35 individuals, from the El Cercado community, one of the poorest communities that has historically received little support from the local government. Women participants belong to the community’s women’s group, and will also receive extra support as they grow as an organization.