The Kitopreneur Project

Year: 2018
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $7,397.26

Project Launch: 4-27-18

The earning potential of most farms in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa is very low. This is because of low yields, with crop yields at a third of global yield averages (IFPR-World Development Report 2008). As a result, farmers are poor, constituting about 75% of people who survive on less than $1 per day. To address this problem, this project seeks to implement a mobile platform that aggregates soil data. Using soil data obtained through collaboration with fertilizer companies, farmers receive with custom blended fertilizers that take into consideration the soil’s nutrient deficiency and the crops nutrient needs. The fertilizers, together with certified seeds and agrochemicals, are what are supplied to farmers as FarmPack. The result is that crop yields are tripled.

Young people will be trained in agricultural extension, soil management, demand aggregation and how to collect relevant data using our mobile platform. They will be provided with FarmPacks, which they will sell to farmers while providing extension and soil management services. Upon successfully selling the FarmPacks, they will remit the value back to Kitovu for which they will get a commission. They also get a commission for every successful commodity aggregation. In this manner, the project will improve agricultural efficiency and reduce youth unemployment at the same time. 

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