Tijera Community Center and Capacity Building

Year: 2016
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,342.81

Project Launch: 11-9-16

The rural Panamanian village of Tijera is only accessible by a trail and is situated a one hour hike from the nearest major road. Government investment in the community is negligible and, as a result, villagers are autonomously organized. This project proposes the construction of a community center so that Tijera's residents can better execute and plan projects that benefit the village. In addition, the project also calls for the execution of several project management and community development workshops so that local residents have the knowledge they require to positively shape their community's social and economic growth in future.


Project Update: 5-9-17

Tijera has purchased the needed materials and they have arrived in the community. Several successful community workdays have prepared the construction site. After laying the foundation in March, the community indicates the building is now halfway complete.

Final Report: 9-1-17

The community center was successfully completed and will be inaugurated in the coming weeks. The new location now will provide an effective meeting space for the village and promote a culture of civic action and participation as well as economic collaboration between residents of the community.

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