VALE Program

Year: 2011
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,004.00

Project Launch:

A lack of access to knowledge and substantive educational opportunities over generations have created a need for a program that strengthens values, communication, and educational abilities within the community of Madrigal, Peru. Parents, while desiring a professional future for their children, lack the experience to provide the sorts of lessons and resources young people needed. There are few role models in the community to teach youth to set and achieve goals, and preventable illnesses and malnutrition are continuing problems due to poor lifestyle choices.

The VALE Program was designed and launched to spark an interest among youth in various areas such as literacy, communication, and health. It involves a series of after school programs and parenting workshops that teach participants about their bodies and minds, and how to keep them healthy and active. Young people in the community are learning about self-initiative and leadership and are getting involved in project development within their community. They are learning valuable life skills and are exploring how to access opportunities beyond their village. Their participation in the program is being measured alongside their success in school to document the VALE program's positive impact on the Madrigal community.

Project Update:

The VALE program was well received by the students. The children were able to get educational help as needed, have access to numerous books, and do their homework in a safe and fun space. A timid young girl from the local high school regularly attended the committee meetings and throughout the program, she began to participate and became more outgoing. She was recently elected Class President at her school; a good testament to the type of impact the VALE program had on the community.


Vale Project ManualVALE Project Manual


“It is a very interesting and innovative project that gives [students] the opportunity to have access to the world. Via books they are capable of knowing other cultures without having the necessity of traveling. Because of this, a world of possibilities opens and one wins the opportunity to better themselves.” – Project Leader
“It has helped us with our homework. I like to go to VALE more than going to the fields or watching the sheep because in the library I have pretty books that teach me interesting things.” – Project Participant

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