BonaFood Security

Year: 2019
Country: Haiti
Project Investment: $4,999.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Environment

Project Launch: 10-8-19

The results of a survey conducted by Green Change Haiti in 2014 found that the locality of Bonabite faces a number of challenges: limited access due to poor road conditions, the absence of healthcare services, very limited access to water, environmental degradation and, more importantly, poor agricultural production. This survey also demonstrated that agriculture is the main source of income and mode of subsistence for 70 percent of the local population.

In order to address the environmental challenges and support the agricultural production of small farmers in the community, Green Change Haiti intends to implement a project in the village by developing an experimental site that will train local farmers in agricultural best practices. Ultimately, local villagers will produce a nursery with high-value trees that will be distributed to the community to improve the quality of the environment and contribute to food security. Based on its proven nutritional values, its resistance to drought, and its fast-growing nature, Moringa olifera will be one of the main components of the nursery. The project will introduce quality seeds to the region and provide technical training to local small farmers, including women, to help improve their yield while planting trees that will create a micro-climate for better farming conditions in the future.

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