Girl's Camp Local Community Empowerment Project

Year: 2014
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $375.00

Project Launch:

Every year since 2011, a few girls from the Louga community participate in the annual week-long St. Louis Girl’s Camp, where they have the opportunity to socialize with their peers from different communities and participate in activities such as sports, educational workshops, and arts and crafts. The community realized that continued follow-up and support for these girls was a key part of leadership development. As a result, they created the Louga Girl’s Group in order to connect the camp participants with strong female role models in the community. The girls meet every Sunday, where they have group discussions on topics such as health, agriculture, community development, career development, human rights, and current events. They also participate in activities such as English lessons, homework help and tutoring, arts and crafts, creative writing and community field trips.


The project will provide the Louga Girl’s Group with materials for arts and crafts activities, as well opportunities for more field trips outside the community. This year, the girls will focus on sustainable agriculture and will work in a community garden, learning about agriculture and nutrition. With more hands on activities, the girls will continue to develop as leaders in their community.


Project Update

The girl's group has been busy with various workshops and activities, such as gardening, creating compost, designing supplemental English language resources, learning about volunteerism, and knitting bags out of rice sacks. One member has trained the other girls in knitting, and they have collectively made seven bags, with plans to increase their production. The girls have designed a logo and group tag for the bags, and are excited to receive outside orders. Additionally, the group may collaborate with the local cultural center to sell produce to generate income and raise awareness about healthy produce.



"Girl's Group is fun because I get to learn new things. Speaking English fluently is my goal for this year." - Ndeye, 16, Project Participant 


"Girls who participate in Girl's Group are leaders in my eyes. They never stop trying, they never give up. The will influence other girls to do the same." - Seyanabou, Project Leader 

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