Girls Focused Life Skills Training

Year: 2013
Country: Kenya
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,993.75

Project Launch:

Funyula is an agricultural town in which women and girls tend to assume domestic roles or extremely low-paying jobs. There is a strong gender bias in Kenya’s cultural values, and females have very little involvement in making decisions at the family, community, or national levels. This girl-focused life skills course will help girls to become stronger, more active members of their societies, allowing them to surpass current societal standards for girls. They will learn about life skills, self-esteem, girls’ anatomy, decision-making, and critical thinking. Girls will be able to collaborate and share ideas on girls’ health, education, and life goals. The confidence that girls gain from this course will help them become more confident, established members of their communities, and these skills will help them long into the future.


Project Update

Instead of creating a monthly course, the project implemented a five-day camp that focused on character development, health/healthy living, and professional development. 130 girl students ranging from ages 10-19 attended the camp, where they participated in educational workshops, attended career panels, and socialized with their peers. In addition,160 bed nets and 96 water guards were distributed to encourage mosquito protection and clean water practices.

Check out Teneasha's (the local Peace Corps Volunteer) blog post about the camp.

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