GLOW Camp Belize 2017 (Girls Leading Our World)

Year: 2016
Country: Belize
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,743.20

Project Launch: 1-9-17

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) has become one of the most recognizable and common projects implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide. Its initial purpose was to create a safe, supportive, and creative environment for girls to engage in topics of gender equality, self-esteem, and leadership, and has grown to include topics like environmentalism and life skills. One of the most exciting and promising aspects of Camp GLOW is its adaptability. The topics covered and the nature of the camp can be molded to fit the needs of the culture and resources of the country in which it takes place, while keeping in mind the camp's original mission of empowering young girls. In 2015, Peace Corps volunteers serving in Belize successfully conducted the first Camp GLOW for Peace Corps Belize's Health program. The second Camp GLOW in 2016 was also a great success with its two sessions. The idea to continue the project comes from a desire to maintain the same support for girls' empowerment while also maintaining and even increasing the sustainability of GLOW's presence in Belize. 

Project Update: 5-8-17

Most of the goals set in the project plan for Camp GLOW 2017 thus far have been achieved. The most significant activities completed to date include identifying a campsite, updating the group registry and bank account, fundraising within the villages, distributing applications to GLOW club members, hosting parent meetings, identifying potential donors and guest speakers, and hosting trainings with work partners.

Final Report: 10-10-17

July 7, 2017 marked the beginning of the third annual national GLOW Camp Belize where over 60 girls ages 10-14 from throughout the country came together to participate in a six-day leadership camp. While at the camp, the girls had the opportunity to express themselves through arts and crafts, physical activity, and dialogue sessions. 

The local Belizean counterparts who attended to co-facilitate sessions and lead the girls in activities also experienced an increase in their confidence. Half of the counterparts individually facilitated sessions with the girls. They took part in the planning and execution of the activities, which included arts and crafts to promote self-reliance and self-expression, and team-building. They will be able to take their skills back to their communities and respective GLOW Clubs and feel capable of continuing the sessions that will emphasize the empowerment of girls nationwide.