Healthy Homes with Improved Cook Stoves

Year: 2013
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,701.85

Project Launch:

In the community of Villa Chatito families mostly live in straw or adobe huts and cook inside using stoves that release unhealthy levels of smoke. This project will begin by training 33 mothers in the community about important health topics that impact their families, such as treatment of parasites, diarrheal illness and respiratory infections, family planning, hygiene and sanitation, over the course of six months. Mothers who complete the trainings and make physical changes within their homes, such as installing handwashing stations near their latrines and kitchens and keeping clean, potable water covered within the home, will quality to receive improved cookstoves. The local health clinic will be monitoring children of participating families according to the Peruvian Development Test, paying particular attention to child height and weight over time.


Project Update

24 mothers completed the “Healthy Homes” training, where they learned about proper nutrition, sanitation, health, early childhood stimulation, and the importance of boiling water to prevent illness. The women are now providing their families with healthy portions of vegetables, fruits, and proteins needed to prevent illnesses and encourage growth. 34 improved cookstoves were built, providing community members with access to cleaner air inside their homes. A weekly early childhood stimulation program was created at the local health post for 15 mothers with children under the age of 3 years



"The mothers have grown greatly in their capacities to care for their children and prevent common illnesses." - Kelly, Peace Corps Volunteer


"The change in attitude and knowledge of mothers is visible. We can see better performance in their habits and lifestyles as well as in the use of health services for preventive care.  The project was strengthened with the participation of the authorities of male gender who helped with this project, who learned about the roles of the women, since in this community machismo is very strong." - Maria, Project Leader


"I have learned a lot about good nutrition practices for children. With good nutrition, children are able to achieve a normal height for their ages.  My improved cook stove will be useful for preventing illnesses in my children." - Hilda, Project Participant 

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