Women Skills and Health Information Center

Year: 2020
Country: Uganda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,007.78

Project Launch: 8-26-20

Rural Aid Foundation aims to construct a community women and health information center that will double as a facility for income generating activities. The goal of the community organization is to empower women to be economicall self-reliant while equipping them with the tools and knowledge to remain healthy. The space will include charts and information about various health topics and sexual gender based violence redress mechanisms. The space will also be equipped with sewing machines which will be used to train women and girls over the course of three months in making re-usable sanitary pads and other tailored garments. Participants will be provided materials to support them in starting up their own businesses. There will be business skills training as well. 20 adolescent out-of-school girls and young women, ages 14 to 25, will be recruited and trained to in turn train others on the health information and vocational skills they master. The center will be managed by a committee of five women and girls who will be equipped to continue teaching women and girls in the community their skills. The trained women will train others for a reasonable fee in order to contribute to the sustainability of the center. 

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