Improving market access for women farmers through cooperative enhancement (IMAWE)

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $6,344.45

Project Launch: 5-14-21

Building on the success of the previous Accelerator Grants Competition project, TAC-Maz Sustainable Ventures will use $6.344.45 World Connect grant to construct a cooperative building formally establishing a sustainable and viable market for over 50 cooperative members to sell their produce as well as access farm inputs. By aggregating their products, members are expected to make more profits and improve their day to day lives in addition to providing steady markets for other community members. The project will increase productivity, create employment and enhance household income progressively for members.

Project Update: 9-30-21

With the $6,344.45 investment from World Connect, 34 women from Kanje in Chiradzulu are implementing a project called “Improving market access for women farmers through cooperative enhancement (IMAWE).”  The women farmers are using the grant funds to construct a cooperative office which will also be used as an aggregation and marketplace for their produce. As a demonstration of ownership of the project, the women have contributed 20,000 bricks, continue to provide sand and bring water to the construction site. 34 women who are all part of the cooperative and their households are the primary participants and the number is expected to increase. Though slightly delayed, the progress is promising with 60% of the work done and completion scheduled for December 2021.

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