Pantawid Pamilyang Meat Processing Training

Year: 2015
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $831.62

Project Launch:

Allen is a community in Northern Samar, Philippines where over 1,500 families are enrolled in a national program aimed at eradicating poverty by investing in health, education, and skills training. This project will provide an opportunity for thirty at-risk community members to be trained in food processing, equipping them with skills to generate an income to support their families. In Allen, most processed meats are imported from other islands to meet local demand. After the training, the participants will be provided with basic start up kits to develop their own meat products, and they will have an opportunity to sell at a local farmers market. By providing skills and tools necessary to start a cooperative food processing business, this project is educating and empowering the community, helping to increase income levels and livelihoods.


Project Update

The training was a huge success! Over three days, 23 women learned about basic business principles, marketing strategies, and food processing methods. Through hands on activities, they learned how to prepare five unique meals, which they will make for future catering events. At the end of the training, the group formed the "Allen's Meat Processing Association", allowing them to operate and manage a business together. The group is now equipped to prepare meals and sell food to generate income to support themselves and their families, and are currently focused on marketing their new microbusiness and scheduling catering events. Unfortunately, Typhoon Nona caused massive damage throughout the community so the women's efforts are focused on rebuilding their homes, but once they move forward, the women will put all their energy back into their business.



"I wanted to attend this training because I want to learn new skills. If I work and can make an income, I will be able to help my children get through school and that is the most important." - Jeanette, Project Participant


"Meat Processing is a good skill to invest in to continue to contribute to my family as well as develop my own skills." - Nenette, Project Participant 


"This training gave us a chance to have new skills. We don't have the chance to do that very often and I am happy that I was offered to be a part of the association. I now have a way that I can contribute to the efforts of my husband, and we can better support our family." - Project Participant

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