Promoting Health and Environmental Sustainability in Buçimas

Year: 2018
Country: Albania
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $723.84

Project Launch: 11-28-18

Buçimas, a village ideally located on a lake between two tourist cities, has enormous potential. The health and environmental awareness club aims to educate its community about the importance of promoting sustainable schoolyards and healthy lifestyles through educational murals, gardening, and recycling bins. After club meetings discussing topics such as climate change, recycling, nutrition, physical activity, gardening, green spaces, and clean water, students will further research these topics to get a better idea of how to incorporate them into their murals sketches. After painting, they would re-purpose the paint cans and other recycling materials from the clubs recycling project for gardening and decorate the school and community with them. The school will receive training on how to recycle from Green Recycling. The club is led by girls who will take a lead role in this project. The social media campaign led by the club will increase awareness of the murals, recycling bins, and the Earth Day Fair, where the meanings of the designs will be explained in both English and Albanian. This project will bring youth together to create a cleaner village for the people who call Buçimas home. The vision is to have a more beautiful, environmentally friendly Buçimas with the desired impact of increased understanding and appreciation of environmental, community and sustainability values in Buçimas. Students and other community members hope to beautify the village with messages that emotionally engage the youth and help spark imagination and civic pride while prioritizing the local needs of the region.

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