Positive behavior modification and self-care training for care givers.

Year: 2015
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,635.24

Project Launch:

SOS Children's Village in the Philippines is part of an international organization that provides long term care to orphaned, neglected and abused Filipino children. SOS on Panay Island currently provides homes to 135 children ages 2-24. There are 12 houses for the kids and each has a housemother (caregiver) who raises up to 12 children in her home. This project will provide training workshops to SOS caregivers to learn new methods of counseling, and specifically how to respond to behavioral problems. The caregivers will also participate in a self-care training, as many are susceptible to burn out from their demanding yet rewarding job.

Project Update

The caregivers participated in workshops focused on new methods of counseling, specifically learning how to engage with children suffering from PTSD. The workshops also focused on preventing burn out among staff and provided self-care tips. The caregivers and social workers are already incorporating the new techniques and have seen an improvement among the way the children behave and respond to counseling. SOS staff are committed to training future employees on these new techniques and modules.


"The moms and youth leaders have learned things that give them hope for the future of their children they love so much." - Resa, Project Leader

"I see the moms being more encouraged. This can be such a hard job, but it's so important. With everyone feeling so encouraged, the kids will feel more loved, understood and do better in life." - Jun, Project Participant

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