Women's Soap Collective

Year: 2017
Country: Guinea
Project Investment: $616.47
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 1-18-18

In Missira, Guinea, where poverty rates are high, livelihoods are dependent on crop success, and rainfall is unpredictable, a local women’s organization called Balal Diamma is a community cornerstone.

Founded several years ago, Balal Diamma seeks to improve the lives of women who are particularly vulnerable. The organization began as a small savings group from which pooled money would be given to one woman facing difficult circumstances each week. Now they want to start a soap-making business!

Currently, local soap is expensive and low quality, the women of  Balal Diamma aim to launch and build a soap enterprise to serve themselves and the community. 

Project Update: 4-5-18

The community built the hangar that serves to produce the soap. The initial training took place January 22, 2018 and the production of soap began the following day. The women have been trained to fabricate the soap and are effectively producing the soap independently of their instructor. They have sold 4000 bars of soap to date and there is enough money that rests in order to continue the production. The next challenge will be scaling up sales volume.

Final Report: 5-29-18

70 women have perfected their soapmaking and made enough profit to contribute to greater production. The enterprise has already greatly improved the business acumen of the participants. They are autonomous and manage all of their finances independently. They have become effective accountants, managers and vendors. All of the buyers have noted their soap is the best that is available and have begun to actively purchase soap from Missira. Other nearby cities have begun requesting to have local soap delivered and even the major city in the region has merchants that would like to begin buying their soap and selling it across the country.

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