Got Gulay? School Garden

Year: 2017
Country: Philippines
Project Investment: $797.18
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Environment

Project Launch: 9-1-17

Got gulay? (Got vegetables? in Tagalog.) Got Gulay? is a school garden club which seeks to promote healthier eating habits, teach gardening and business skills, and provide a source of funding for life skills programming for low-income students. 38 grade seven and grade eight students who will attend a two-day training, which will teach them the basics of gardening using recycled and locally accessible materials. Following the training, they will plant and maintain their own vegetable garden. The harvested crops from this garden will be sold to vendors at the local market, and profits will go back into Got Gulay? Garden Club.

Final Report: 6-13-18

The project allowed over forty students to be trained on the basics of bio-intensive gardening, the food system, composting, and keyhole gardening. The students were taught in various sessions about organic farming, pesticide and fertilizer creation, crops organization and tracking, harvesting, and selling. Additionally, the students were able to plant and harvest their own crops at a garden constructed in the middle of the school yard. During the 2017-2018 school year approximately 12 different vegetables and herbs were planted. Students were able to take food home when they worked, and the remaining crops were sold for profit to save for future needs of the garden.

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