Improving Adolescent Health in Rural Ghana

Year: 2020
Country: Ghana
Project Investment: $3,702.91
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 1-3-20

The proposed project is to build an Adolescent Friendly Health Corner at Pelungu Health Center in Ghana. The center is intended to serve as a hub for sexual and reproductive health education and services for adolescent boys and girls. Services for adolescents will include family planning, prescribed medicines for menstrual problems, sexually transmitted infections, tetanus vaccines, and treatment of general health issues. Professional community health and public health nurses will be trained to run the center. Experts in adolescent health from Ghana Health Service (GHS) will train these staff in adolescent friendly services, sexual and reproductive health, and sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents. Refresher training will be organized annually by GHS. The staff will carry out the services as part of their routine duties as employees of GHS. The center will run for eight hours a day.

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